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This article provides packaging tips and shipping suggestions when shipping a warrantied processor to AMD.  For more information on AMDs “Processor in a Box” limited warranty, please visit: ​​

NOTE! Any physical damage to the processor that occurs during shipping will void warranty coverage for retail packaged ‘Processor in a Box’ processor(s).

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Packagi​​​​ng Tips​​​​​​

To make sure the processor being returned to AMD under warranty is not damaged in transit, please review the following tips:

  1. Choose a box or carton of proper size & strength.  Do not use a crushed or damaged box.
  2. Remove all old labels from the package if it is being reused.​​
  3. Ensure to use cushioning material to fill void space such as foam or bubble-wrap.
  4. In the package, include an extra label with your address, phone number, RMA number and the total number of processors being returned inside the package before sealing it.
  5. Apply tape evenly across flaps and seams to both the top and bottom of the outer box.​
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Packaging Instructions

  1. It is best to use the plastic clamshell from the original packaging.  However, packaging-foam or sponge pads as shown in the images below may also work.  Care must be taken to protect the pins from any damages during transit.  DO NOT wrap the product inside paper, polythene or cloth.​
  1. Wrap the enclosed processor in a sheet of bubble-wrap, and seal the package with tape.  For multiple unit returns wrap each processor separately.
  1. Use a rigid corrugated cardboard box.  Use adequate cushioning material inside to avoid damage during shipping.
  2. Securely seal the box with packing tape.  Attach a label to the box with shipping information - including address, RMA number and the quantity of processors inside the package.​
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Shipping Guidelines

To ship the processor to AMD without delay, please review the following guidelines:

  1. ​AMD recommends selecting a reputable courier and shipping service that provides delivery confirmation and a tracking number for the shipment.
  2. Use an address label that has both the recipient and sender’s address clearly marked.
  3. Avoid sending the heat sink and fan. 
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